Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Battleship Row

The Great White Fleet revisited

Delivered to the shipyard was a 2x4 and a maple limb

The 2x4 was planed...


measured, marked, shaped...

and sanded...

producing five hulls.

Now it was the maple limb's turn.

It was cut...


cut again...

and sanded.

The ships are starting to take shape.

The main guns were glued into the big turrets.

Pockets were drilled for the secondary guns.

A perfect fit for the battery.

Then came the assembly of the superstructure and masts.

Ready for priming and painting.

Ready for sale at the 42nd annual Boonesborough Days art and craft fair.

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  1. Proud Glorious ships! What a lovely piece of Artisan Toymaking! You should be pleased, and I'm certain they will sell!


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